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Aperture 220: The Interview Issue by Aperture Magazine

Aperture 220: The Interview Issue by Aperture Magazine

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Must-read conversations with nine of the world’s most influential photographers.

The Interview Issue features in-depth conversations with a selection of influential photographers of an older generation, who continue to produce and publish, about their lifelong engagement with photography. What compels someone to become a photographer? And what drives someone to continue to be one, for as many as seven decades? How does a veteran photographer describe years of questioning politics, personal experience, social unrest, landscape, and history through the camera?

For this issue, Aperture offers nine in-depth interviews, firsthand accounts that underscore the generosity and intelligence of their speakers. Born between 1928 and 1947, the nine photographers featured―Bruce Davidson, Paolo Gasparini, David Goldblatt, Guido Guidi, Ishiuchi Miyako, William Klein, Bertien van Manen, Boris Mikhailov, and Rosalind Fox Solomon―are still active today, adding to their already unparalleled bodies of work. In these pages, the medium is considered from various points of view, offering a range of philosophies, values, and perspectives, yet for all the differences within this group, they share a fundamental curiosity about the human experience.

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