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Before During After Almost... by David Farrell

Before During After Almost... by David Farrell

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The RHA approached David Farrell to collaborate on a project to coincide with the 1916 Rising centennial commemorations.

”As a photographer of ‘the real world’ I am compelled to engage with the necessary ritual of placing myself in front of my subject/object and dealing with the vagaries of light and mood. This for me, of late, has been deeply rooted in the landscape wherein I excavate specific landscapes with photography and time. This usually involves a process of visiting and revisiting small areas over prolonged periods. I try to carry in my pockets small seeds of emotional and conceptual intelligence that, on good days, manage to make a connection with what is around me. My quest is a series of what I consider as ‘elusive’ rather than ‘decisive’ ‘moments’ – a dialogue between myself and what chooses to be photographed. Often, there is a wider political framework but it can be purely personal or if I am really lucky, both.”

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