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Michael Croghan

Ceremony by Michael Croghan

Ceremony by Michael Croghan

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This is a work in progress, and was shown first in a installation in Cruthu Arts Festival, County Longford, Longford Town, July 2023.  It is a series of photographs that examines the power of images with the translation of an unrelated space into something very personable.  An unfamiliar space to me in my youth, I felt affinity with these places, reminding myself of an experience I believe theses photographs share. Using the backdrop of forests and the ephemeral materialisations of youth found in it. A shared space, where you can find personal memory lingering in the hope of a return, you know will never come back. This place and remnants I find transcend to memories of innocence and exploration of body, mind and spirit. Bringing you back to that sense of a ceremonial threshold you never see til it is gone. While not having shared that same physical place, there is a connection that evokes that same hidden threshold once crossed.

Michael Croghan is a visual artist/photographer based in Ireland.

Michael Croghan is a documentary photographer who photographs in-between spaces, in a poetic realist and formalist style adaptive to the everyday vernacular. He collaborates with communities of interest to explore social tropes and hidden histories, a transcendence of the familiar to draw attention to the poetry of the common place.

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