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Dublin's Pop Punk PrinceSexes

Dublin's Pop Punk PrinceSexes

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Dublin's Pop Punk PrinceSexes is a documentary piece that follows the Dublin punk scene over the course of a year. This book explores the domestic and public lives of Dublin punks. 

Pop Punk PrinceSexes is Faye's largest piece to date and explores all aspects of the Dublin punk scene. Her goal is to document punks in every local scene in Ireland with plans underway to capture the Cork, Galway and Belfast scenes once Pop Punk PrinceSexes has been released.

Faye is a documentary photographer based in Dublin who is stylistically inspired by photographer Daidō Moriyama. Faye has been working with the Irish punk scene to create unique and unaesthetic works based on the day to day lives of the Irish punk.

Self Published 
28 pages
210 x 300 mm


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