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Eamonn Doyle SIGNED

Eamonn Doyle SIGNED

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This substantial review of Eamonn Doyle's practice has been published to accompany a large exhibition that took place at Mapfre Foundation 12 September 2019 to 26 January 2020, Madrid. Including never before seen or published material and photographs, from the beginnings of Doyle's practice, to most recently commissioned work, with commissioned texts by Niall Sweeney, Bob Quinn, David Donohue, and Lisa Godson.

The exhibition was curated by Niall Sweeney and included the well-known Dublin Trilogy, i, On, and End, whose images capture the rhythm and the drama of the city. It features the K series as well, which consists of spectral figures photographed on Ireland’s West Coast and in Extremadura.

Doyle, who before turning to photography was a music producer, is a relevant figure in the cultural scene of his hometown. He set up and ran the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival for almost a decade. His debut photobook was described by celebrated British photographer Martin Parr as "the best street photobook in a decade". Most of Doyle’s photographs are taken in Dublin and its outskirts. Since 2009, when Doyle began to take his career as a photographer seriously, his work has been shown in galleries in Dublin, Paris, London, New York and Madrid, among other big cities around the world.

Published by Editorial RM and Mapfre Foundation
289 pages
305 × 250 mm

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