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False Friends by Dominic Turner, signed copy

False Friends by Dominic Turner, signed copy

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In a world of ‘alternative facts’ & ‘cognitive dissonance’ Turner’s photographs play with the idea of information voids & misunderstandings, inviting the viewer to explore the shadows and obfuscations of a familiar, yet not quite recognisable world.

“There are those who would have us believe that the scariest of monsters dwell in the shadows & that we must be on permanent guard. I prefer to think that, while always striving to increase our understanding of the world, we can acknowledge and accept the things we do not know and bathe in the soothing powers of the shade.”

Turner’s work has a tactile, almost ethereal quality, which stems from his fastidious and experimental approach to the process of image making. These are images that are deeply ponderous in nature & often require repeated viewings which reveal the subtle details that unlock the work.

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