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GRAMMAR Special Edition with Print by Roseanne Lynch

GRAMMAR Special Edition with Print by Roseanne Lynch

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*The limited edition (15 copies) comes in a box that contains a signed / numbered book and a signed / handmade silver gelatin print.*

GRAMMAR is is a book of photographic works by artist Roseanne Lynch, recording the compelling remnants of 20th century utopian movements through her residencies at various significant architectural sites in Europe and Canada.

While consciously refining the elements of a photographic practice, Roseanne Lynch subjects her process to the principles of Bauhaus’ preliminary course. Through experimentation, contemplation and rigour she has produced images mostly made in the darkroom that talk of architectural constructs, light and the medium itself.

For 18 months from August 2018 Roseanne Lynch lived in Leipzig, Germany for access to The Bauhaus Foundation at Dessau, where she was an artist in residence for 3 months. She made her home in Leipzig for the to take advantage of the continued access she has been given to the sites and the materials research archive at Dessau, and the darkroom at The Academy of Fine Arts (HGB) Leipzig, where she is a guest.

The disassembling of the photographic process, both in her photograms and architectural studies, extends the scope of what is the photographical, and is an exploration of photography’s power as a structure of understanding.

Photograms are synonymous with Bauhaus master László Moholy-Nagy and Lynch is interested in how photograms create space and scrutinise the indexical link photography has to its subject. The reference within her photograms are architectural, but what the viewer is being shown is more about the medium and the perceived understanding that a 2d surface holds.

As always, she brings her question to this conversation between photography, architecture and representation. ‘What can a photograph I make here do?’

Photography - Roseanne Lynch

Concept & editing - Hans Bol, Roseanne Lynch

Text - Torsten Blume, artistic and research associate / curator at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Design and Digital Imaging - Hans Bol

Typeface - Century Gothic, Monotype Imaging, 1991

Paper - Arctic Ivory, 115gsm

Cover - Syrio Pearl Oyster Shell

Publisher - Recto Verso Publications | Roseanne Lynch

Edition - 15

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