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Installation View, Daniel Palmer and Martyn Jolly

Installation View, Daniel Palmer and Martyn Jolly

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Daniel Palmer and Martyn Jolly – Installation View: Photography Exhibitions in Australia (1848-2020)

Installation View offers a significant new account of photography in Australia, told through its most important exhibitions and modes of collection and display. From colonial records to contemporary art, the book presents a chronology of rarely seen installation views from both well-known and forgotten exhibitions, along with a series of essays that tell the story of the individuals and institutions that have proved intrinsic to the public circulation of photographs. At once specific and widely contextual in its scope, this longterm research project from two of Australia’s leading academics and educators in the field enriches our understanding of the diversity of Australian photography by looking at what lies beyond the frame. Installation View speaks not only to pictures, but to the people and the places that nurture them.

424 pages with 16 page insert, 15.4 x 23 cm, section-sewn hardcover
Publisher: Perimeter Editions
ISBN: 9781922545008

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