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It starts with silence by Richard Gosnold (Signed copy)

It starts with silence by Richard Gosnold (Signed copy)

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Employing photography and text, Richard Gosnold powerfully communicates the complexities of his emotions. He reflects upon his sense of place, within the political and physical landscape of Northern Ireland, a place to which, his wife was desperate to return. A place, where politicians remain fanatical in their desire to control the bodies of pregnant people.

This is a work of protest, which is inspired by personal conversations. Conversations held in small rooms, behind closed doors. Conversations, which help to inform policymakers who have the power to change laws.

It is a sorrowful lament, a work of love for all who are troubled with crisis pregnancies. A message of hope and solidarity for all whose voices are lost among the chaos of political discourse. Set in a small country in the North of Ireland, this story remains politically relevant and resonates around the world.

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