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Kids of Cosplay by Thurstan Redding

Kids of Cosplay by Thurstan Redding

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Kids of Cosplay is the result of a three-year photographic project. Inspired by a trip to MCM London Comic Con in 2018, Thurstan's pictures are a showcase for the ingenuity of cosplay in a way that has never been seen before.

For those who haven't had the luxury of attending a Comic-Con, cosplay is a term used to describe attendees who have crafted their own outfits of their favourite characters. These costumes are usually homemade affairs, which are then worn and embodied by fans. The likes of Harley Quinn, Darth Vader and dozens of Doctor Whos are favourites among the many outfits on display.

And while hundreds of photos of these spectacular costumes are photographed at conventions, Thurstan has taken a different approach by turning his camera lens onto cosplayer in unassuming locations. This shows how creativity can thrive even in the most mundane of realities, with ingenious costumes pictured in suburban homes, bus stops and bedrooms.

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