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Lomography’s Original Fotoclips

Lomography’s Original Fotoclips

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Discover a new dimension of analogue photography and display your photos in style with Lomography’s Original Fotoclips.
  • Show off your creative flair and display your photos in any way you can imagine
  • Create exciting and immersive 2D or 3D photographic constructions
  • Rearrange your Fotoclip display to your heart’s content

Lomography’s Original Fotoclips bring a new dimension to analogue photography. The clear 2D and orange 3D Fotoclips allow you to construct your very own Lomographic displays! Just clip your photos together to build long LomoCurtains, robust free-standing LomoCastles, intricate LomoMosaics or your very own LomoWall. You can chop, change and rearrange your photos to your heart’s content so you’ll never get bored with one display. Why not shoot a photo series for your display or simply stitch together a random array of happy moments that you caught on film – the choice is yours!

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