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Natur by Michael Schmidt

Natur by Michael Schmidt

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With his series of black and white pictures of German landscapes, created from 1987 to 1997, Michael Schmidt designed a new visual language that deconstructs the world presented to him. As works of light and form, Schmidt's pictures are characterized by an abundance of silver tones and a spectrum of gray tones, the interplay of light and dark developing imperceptibly and in an almost mystical way. By using filters, Schmidt is also able to neutralize the world, which makes the subjective perception of the viewer more difficult. Using this processing step, a process of assembly, Michael Schmidt creates his own idiom and, with the linear sequence of the images in the book, a self-contained world. 

Publisher: MACK
ISBN: 9781907946585
Number of pages: 104
Weight: 1000 g
Dimensions: 239 x 179 x 10 mm

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