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Next Exit by Liam Murphy (Signed)

Next Exit by Liam Murphy (Signed)

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Spice boxes. Pilot training schools. Otters. God.

Ireland’s roadsides are home to a shifting population of mad, bad, unauthorised advertisements.

Some are temporarily rolled into fields on trailers, ready for a quick getaway when necessary. Others take up more permanent residence where a visual gap appears. Their design is clunky; typography brash, and the offers are over-hyped. Sun-bleached, rainbeaten and non-conformist, they frequently form bizarre interactions with the landscape around them.

Next Exit goes on the trail of these highwaymen: the signs that appear along motorways and countryside detours, alerting drivers to the possibility of reptiles, salvation or alternative sustenance ahead. All images were shot on expired film, leading to unexpected effects like colour shifts, fogging and increased grain, all of which felt appropriate to the subject matter.

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