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Perigee by Paul Gaffney

Perigee by Paul Gaffney

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Walking through the Luxembourgish Ardennes, Gaffney documented his wanderings using polaroids. Later, he re-explored certain routes after nightfall, to photograph under the light of the full moon.

Bathed in its soft otherworldly glow, the forest’s narrow steep valleys evoke a mysterious, psychological wilderness, in what is in reality, a highly managed man-made environment.

“Drawn with light that is barely perceptible to the eye, Gaffney’s photographs emerge out of intuition, coincidence, and an underlying longing for connection and stillness. And although it’s tempting to call them landscapes, they are created through different ways of knowing a place – ways that acknowledge the moving, feeling body, rather than the distanced and distancing eye, as the foundation of our experience.”
Eugenie Shinkle

Perigee is a set of two photobooks in an edition of 750 copies.

Book 1:
Tri-tone printed on Mohawk Superfine uncoated paper
25 polaroid images on 68 pages
Japanese fold binding
Magnetic white vinyl cover
153mm x 203mm

Book 2:
Printed with UV inks on Lessebo uncoated paper
12 colour images on 24 pages
Handmade lay-flat binding
Ferrous metal cover
230mm x 305mm

Published in association with the CNA, Luxembourg.

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