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Points of Encounter - The Nepantla Collective - Catalogue

Points of Encounter - The Nepantla Collective - Catalogue

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Points of Encounter is the result of ten months of dedicated work by a group
of talented women from Latin America, who have made Dublin their home.
Over this period, the members of The Nepantla Collective met weekly to
explore themes of identity and belonging in the context of human mobility
and uprooting. Our ideas are deeply influenced by the theories of Gloria
Anzaldúa, our guiding light in the intermundo, who dedicated her life to art
and writing, while defying labels and binary oppositions to create a third
“in-between-consciousness”. Gloria’s influence inspired our collective’s
name and provided us with the freedom to experiment with various visual
techniques, from alternative photographic processes like cyanotypes
and lumen prints to poetry, collages, as well as experimentation in both
analogue and digital photography.

As an artist and coordinator of activities, The Nepantla Collective has
significantly impacted my life. Points of Encounter not only represented
a turning point in my artistic journey but also served as a milestone in
establishing our presence and visibility as Latin American women in this
welcoming country. While some of our colleagues face challenges due to
visa restrictions, Ireland and its people have embraced us and continue
to open their arms and hearts, allowing us to build bridges between both

There is a Pop-up Exhibition Installation on show in the LightRoom, Photo Museum Ireland until  from June  12-18 2024.


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