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Sean Hillen - Signed Special Edition Print

Sean Hillen - Signed Special Edition Print

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Build your collection with these special limited-edition prints by leading Irish artists. Each print 420mm x 594mm (A2 size, approx 16x20 inches), pigment printed on archival-standard Hahnemuele bamboo. Each print is from an edition of just 10, and is signed by the artist.

Our limited-edition series draws on the National Photography Collection that has been newly established by Gallery of Photography Ireland. We are developing this collection as a cultural resource to encourage a wider appreciation for photography as an artform in Ireland and to reveal the depth of photographic heritage that exists here. The limited-edition print series serves as a capsule version of the larger collection and of recent Irish photographic history as a whole.

The artists featured in the series have worked to capture the rhythms of life and light that make Ireland unique, expressed in their images with exceptional insight, sympathy and humour. They all approach photography in different ways and we have tried to give a flavour of that diversity. Many are concerned with the experiences of Irish life, but they also speak to the complexities of the contemporary world in general.

With these limited-edition prints we want to help new photography collectors to embrace their passion for the medium, connecting them with the vibrant culture of Irish photography.

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