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Tate Photography: Claudia Andujar

Tate Photography: Claudia Andujar

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Tate Photography: Claudia Andujar 

For over five decades, Swiss-born Brazilian artist Claudia Andujar has devoted her life to photographing and protecting the Yanomami in the Amazon, one of Brazil's largest indigenous groups. Attempting to translate visually the shamanic culture of the Yanomami, she experiments with a variety of photographic techniques to create visual distortions, streaks of light and saturated colours.

The trust Andujar earned over the years is so strong that the Yanomami, who destroy personal items belonging to a person when they die — including photographs — made an exception for her work.

Now in her nineties, she continues to stand by them in their struggle for survival. The Tate Photography Series is a celebration of photography by artists in the Tate collection, presenting some of the most significant photographers in the world today.

Each book focuses on an individual photographer and includes a specially selected sequence of images and an introduction by a Tate curator, alongside a conversation about each photographer's practice. The unifying theme for Series Two is Ecology and Environment, featuring photographers who examine aspects of our relationship with the natural world, environment and changing climate.

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